Everything we do as a church family begins and ends with this mission:

To experience and share the hope and healing of Jesus.

For us, it’s all about Jesus. 


These are the core values that shape our church. 


Progression Not Perfection

We believe everyone is a work in progress.   

We are serious about loving and welcoming people wherever they are in life, and just as serious about seeking to be a community of people progressing in our faith.

[Philippians 3:12-14]


Passionate About God's Word 

We believe the Bible.

We place our feet on the firm foundation of the eternal and unchanging truth of God's Word and seek to have it shape what we believe and how we live.  

[2 Timothy 3:14-17]


Devoted to the Faith of the Next Generation

We believe emerging generations are an integral part of the church right now.

We are committed to cultivating safe places to develop the faith of children and teenagers, advance the health of marriages, and to support parents and caregivers as they raise the next generation. 

[Psalm 145:3-7]


A Local Church that Loves Our Local Community

We believe God loves our community and our region.

We are committed to expressing God's love by utilizing our time and resources to serve our community.

[Matthew 22:37-40]


It is Better to Give Than it is to Receive

We believe generosity is at the heart of God.

We desire to faithfully follow the instruction of God to be a people of generosity, and to take Jesus at His Word that it is better to give than it is to receive.

[Acts 20:32-35]


Life is Better Together

We believe relationships are essential to a life of faith.

We intentionally design opportunities for people to connect in both larger and smaller group settings with the purpose of pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ.  

[Romans 12:4-5]