Everything we do as a church family begins and ends with this mission:

To experience and share the hope and healing of Jesus.

For us, it’s all about Jesus. 

These are the core values that shape our church.


Extravagant Grace

Extravagant Grace embodies the heart of Christ. We believe each of us has been met time and again with His extravagant grace, and likewise are called to meet others with the same. Each of our other core values stems from experiencing and expressing God’s grace.


Engaged Worship

Engaged Worship goes far beyond singing at a Sunday service. Worship is how we respond to God’s authority and goodness. It occurs when we see and celebrate God for who He is. It’s deeply personal, and integral to building a relationship with Christ. As a church we desire to see every member of our congregation become engaged worshippers.  


Authentic Relationships

Authentic Relationships occur when people engage honestly with one another, flaws and all, with love and accountability. We believe faith is best experienced in community. Creating these meaningful relationships both enrich our lives and bring us closer to God. 


A Servant Lifestyle

A Servant Lifestyle means that the heart of Christ is put into action. Jesus exemplified a servant lifestyle during His ministry on earth, and called us to do the same. We desire to meet the needs of others and thus reflect the heart of Jesus in our everyday lives.


Unleashed Faith

Unleashed Faith stems from experiential knowledge of God’s word. We believe spending time in God’s word is integral to understanding His character and hearing his voice. Unleashed faith enables us to take faith-filled risks that glorify God.